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10 Biggest Lies Told In History

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10 Biggest Lies Told In History
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History has taught us many things, and while a lot of those things we believe are true, you might be surprised to learn that for whatever unknown reasons, we’ve been lied to about some things. You might be really surprised to learn the truth about things that millions of people believe are true. With that said, join us as we take a look at 10 Biggest Lies Told In History.

10. Henry Ford invented the car – There are many that believe that Ford was the first automobile that was ever built. In fact, there's perhaps no single person more associated with the automobile than Henry Ford himself. However, when it comes to factual history, most historians credit Germany's Karl Benz with inventing the automobile, even though at the time there were a number of people who had been working on self-propelled vehicles.

9. ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ in Iraq - After the September 11th tragedy of what took place on American soil, President George W. Bush and the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld made the decision to present the attack, weapons of mass destruction, and Iraq as a triple threat to the security of the United States.

8. Cracking of the Nazi Enigma Code – During World War II, Nazi Germany had what was called an ‘Enigma Code’ that was actually produced by a typewriter-like device called an ‘Enigma machine’.

7. Heavy Knights Plate Armor – If you have ever watched movies that are set in medieval times, the armor that some of the knight’s wear looks extremely heavy. It is true that the metal armor was designed and made to stop slashing swords and other heavy weapons.

6. Stonehenge hasn’t changed– Many people are familiar with Stonehenge that stands mysteriously in England. Many people are led to believe for some reason or another than the monument hasn’t changed since it was built.

5. The Trojan Horse – Everyone is probably familiar with the story of the Trojan Horse which was in the movie Troy in where a giant horse was built in which select members of the Greek army were hidden inside the wooden statue.

4. Thomas Edison Invented the Lightbulb – Gaslights and candles were the main sources of light in the early to mid-1800’s. At the time there no such things as the electric light that we don’t even think twice about.

3. Nazi Propaganda Against the Jews - When Hitler rose to power, he created a national sweeping policy to eliminate Jews from the Earth called “The Final Solution.”

2. Egyptian Pyramid Builders Were Slaves – We’ve all seen the movies where the pyramids are being built and those who are building them appear to be slaves forced to work or perish. However, newly discovered tombs more than 4,000 years old were found that belonged to the people who worked on the Great Pyramids of Giza and were well regarded and most likely paid for their work.

1. Early armies mainly relied on swords as weapons – While this is somewhat true, it’s not entirely accurate. The interesting thing is that the sword was more used as a sidearm weapon.

We hope you enjoyed the video. Let us know which one of these historical lies you were surprised by. And if you liked the video and want to see more, click the subscribe button and you’ll be notified when we release cool new videos like this one. We appreciate you and want to thank you for watching Interesting Facts.

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