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10 INSANE Fidget Spinners | DIY Spinner | 3D Printer Spinner | Life Hack

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10 Insane Fidget Spinner | DIY Spinner | 3D Printer Spinner
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Here is the list:
EWR Spinner Fidget Toy
This is currently one of the best selling fidget spinner toys on Amazon.

TYZEST Spinner Fidget EDC
This elegant little number is made from CNC milled copper, with a hybrid bearing of ceramic and stainless steel sitting at the center.

VICTOREM Metal Hand Spinner
This fidget spinner is made from copper and brass metal, it's ultra compact, and it uses only a single bearing.

Hand Spinner Warped
This curvy hand spinner has scope for a neat two-tone design if you have the patience to pause printing and switch filaments a couple of times.

Axle by Destroyer Brands
The Axle by Destroyer Brands is unique in the world of hand spinner toys because of the two-tier design.

Batman Hand Spinner
If you've read the comics

The Triplex
This is an aesthetically appealing model where the three spokes come together to form a six-pointed star.

Knurled Tri-Spinner
This EDC (everyday carry) has knurled edges to make it even more tactile, though it might induce callouses on your fingers and thumbs after prolonged use.

Dual Wave Spinner
The Dual Wave is a simple and minimalist hand spinner for folks who prefer to keep their fidgeting subtly concealed.

Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner
To specifically advertise your spinner as a cure for anxiety takes some big cojones.

Cog Triple Spinner
This is a very tactile hand spinner with groves on the outside spokes.

Spinning Fidget Toy
With the right materials, this hand spinner can look very impressive.

Fidget Toy
This is a compact and discreet hand spinner, with knurls on the insides of the spokes for better grip..

Porda Tri-Spinner v3
This design has multiple tactile elements, with ridges, knobs and curves to make it into an all-round sensory sensation.

Fidget Hand Spinner
This hand spinner can be printed in one of two ways; one with space for counterweights embedded in the spokes, or one without.

Sayha Hand Spinners
These hand spinners have a simple, clean design, and can be printed in tri, duo and uno versions.

Holisouse Tri-Spinner
The Holisouse Tri-Spinner is injection molded from ABS plastic, which makes it strong and durable..

The Newton
Here we have a tri-spinner where the three spokes are different lengths, but the center of gravity is such that it rotates perfectly.

Fidget Tri Spinner
This chunky fidget spinner is suitable for folks with big hands.

Hand Spinner
Here's a eye-catching remix of the Cog Tri Spinner, trimming away excess material to provide more tactile ridges.

Tri Star Spinner
This is an elegant open face design for the hand spinner, which prints as two separate parts.

Hand Spinner Four Gears
This is a beautiful hand spinner that uses planetary gears.

Ball Bearing Fidget Spinner Toy
As far as we can make out, this is the very first 3D printed fidget spinner to have surfaced on the magical electronic interwebs.

Mini Ninja Star
Flit through the shadows like a Ninja. And then twiddle away in stealth.

Fidget Hand Quintuple Spinner
This is a clever variation on the hand spinner design which uses only one 608 skateboard bearing at the center.

Hand Spinner
This hand spinner features a groove on the outer perimeter.

Pennywise Hand Spinner
Again, there are some schools of thought that adding skateboard bearings to the outer spokes is a waste of time and money.

WeFidget's Original EDC
If you're looking for a no-frills, no-fuss entry level spinner, then this could be the right model for you.

Bio-hazard Tri-Spinner
This hefty fidget spinner packs it all in.

Bayblade Fidget Toy
Spins not fast enough for your satisfaction?

Customizable Hand Spinner
We like this tactile fidget toy for its cloud-like design.

Glaive Spinner from Krull
Diving deep into B-movie obscurity, we have this hand spinner inspired by the fantasy film Krull.

Knurled Tri-Side Spinner
In a bid to stand out from the crowd (and to add more functionality)

Dirt Resistant Tri-Spinner
This is the classic hand spinner design, made with sturdy injection molded plastic.

Adafruit Hand Spinner
The ever-popular Adafruit has a unique take on the hand spinner craze, devising an elegant model based around their company logo.

The Swirl
From the same designer who brought us The Triplex.

Naruto Shuriken Hand Spinner
This is a single bearing hand spinner that pays tribute to the Naruto anime series.

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