10 Most Amazing Isolated Houses In The World

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10 Most Amazing Isolated Houses In The World
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If you’ve ever wanted to get away from the everyday stress of life, there are some places that you can find that are hidden in the wilderness, secluded from the cities and the masses. These are places where you could truly relax and find yourself. So step away from your everyday routine for a moment and join us as we look at 10 Amazing Isolated Houses You Might Like to Try

10. A secret treehouse, hiding in the woods of Whistler – This treehouse started out as a self-funded project that was built in the middle of the woods in Whistler, Canada, and it was built by its owner who was a software engineer turned carpenter.

9. Enchanted Cave and Secret Treehouse! – Here’s a really cool place that is a combination of cave and treehouse that are situated together. This is a place that you can rent for about $860 a night, with a minimum stay of two nights, and its located in Bilpin, New South Wales, Australia. The clifftop cave is built onto a natural rock platform.

8. Treehouse with a spa – This cool treehouse with a spa is also located in Bilpin, New South Wales, Australia. The treehouse is built 12 meters off the ground. A wood-burning stove warms the small room in winter, while in summer it’s a great idea take a beer onto the front balcony overlooking the gorge and watch the clouds drift over.

7. An Invisible Tree House – Here’s a cool treehouse that is covered by mirrors on the outside, and if you weren’t looking close enough, you’d probably miss seeing it entirely. For $600 a night you can stay inside of this mini glass treehouse.

6. A Snowboarder's Unbelievable Tiny House – This incredible home was built in the mountains in Soda Springs, Colorado, USA. It took 5 years to build it, and the owner, Pro-snowboarder, Mike Basich, built it by hand moving all the rocks into place and even moving the cement and water to this tiny house secluded in the mountains. It’s built with lots of natural wood and stone.

5. Tiny Turf House in Iceland – Turf houses are made of turf and lava stone, but not many of them exist anymore. Inside the main home you can see that all of the beds are in one room.

4. The Secret Treehouse – There is a treehouse that is hidden deep in the woods. And unless you know it’s there, you won’t even see it. Getting up to the treehouse is somewhat of a nightmare, especially if you are afraid of heights.

3. Stone Hotel in Grindelwald - High above Grindelwald village located in Switzerland lies the hotel of the Swiss Alpine Club stands which stands on a very high plateau.

2. Hidden House in Tree in Balch Park – If you are looking for a true tree house, you’ll find one in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California that features a grove of Giant Sequoia trees. In one of these Giant Sequoia, a room was carved out of the base of the tree complete with stairs.

1. Isolated Modern Treehouse – This amazing modern treehouse is built in Seattle, Washington by The Treehouse Masters and is a really cool looking treehouse that is built in between two large trees. Underneath the house is a really nice custom swing for two people.

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