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10 Most Biggest Animals Of All Time

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10 Most Biggest Animals Of All Time
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We humans are very much fascinated with the bizarre and eccentric things. Just like the creatures in this list that are way, way far from the ordinary. Their impressive and larger than life size will blow your minds.

Curious yet? Here are 10 unbelievably giant animals.
The 5.5-metre crocodile pictured with a bull shark between its jaws a few years ago has made international headlines and become a reptilian celebrity.

According to XU Changjin, a farmer of Wafangdian city, the pig was only 5 years old. He kept his pig in a good built sty and gave it quality food all its life.

Professor Liu Mingyu, a life scientist said that the pig was too big to move around normally and died from lack of exercise. Liu made the pig ready to be exhibited in the Liaoning Provincial Agricultural Museum which is applying for the pig to be listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

But a spokesman for the Guinness Book of Records said that the 900 kilogram pig does not beat a Poland-China pig called 'Big Bill' which died in 1933. Big Bill weighed 1157.4 kg, was 1.52 metres tall and 2.47 metres long.

Bismarck Flying Fox
This giant monster bat creature is the grey headed flying fox and is the largest bat found in Australia. This megabat, or fruit bat has a dark grey body, light grey head and reddish brown fur for a collar.

Because this bat does not echolocate, it must rely on its large eyes to locate its food of nectar, pollen and fruit. It has an average wingspan up to 3.5 feet (91 cm) and can weigh up to 2.5 lbs(0.9 kg).

The bat can be found in it's habitat which includes rainforests, woodlands and swamps. During the day you will find them roosting in colonies of hundreds to thousands in a variety of locations including at one time the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.

Japanese Spider Crab
The Japanese spider crab has the greatest leg span of any arthropod, reaching up to 5.5 metres (18 ft) from claw to claw. The body may grow to a size of 40 cm (16 in) in carapace width and the whole crab can weigh up to 19 kilograms (42 lb) —second only to the American lobster among all living arthropod species.

Amazonian Giant Centipede
Meet the Amazonian Centipede, a large carnivorous centipede that is widely accredited as being the world's largest centipede, reaching a maximum length of about 35 cm (14 in)!

Also known as the Peruvian giant yellow-leg centipede or simply the giant centipede, it occurs in several areas of South America and the Carribean.
Like other centipedes of the Scolopendra genus, the body S. gigantea has 21 to 23 well-marked sections, each section with a pair of legs.
The legs are adapted for fast movement during hunting or retreating. The head is covered by a flat shield and features a pair of antennae, and a pair of modified legs terminating in sharp claws called forcipules, which are the centipede's primary weapon for killing prey and self-defense.

George, The Largest Dog in the World.
Giant George, the world's tallest dog ever has died at home in Tuscon, Arizona one month before his eighth birthday.
Passing away surrounded by owners on October 17th, the blue Great Dane measured 43 inches tall from paw to shoulders and was able to stand seven-feet-three-inches tall on his hind legs.

George would spend his days sleeping, barking at the UPS deliveryman and eating his favorite chicken and rice dinners. He weighed an incredible 100 pounds more than the average Great Dane and last year was ordered to lose a stone in weight to preserve his health.

African Goliath Frog
It can grow up to 33 cm in length (over one foot) excluding the leg which can grow to over one foot when stretched and can weigh as much as a newborn baby, about 7 lbs (3.2 kg).

Giant Freshwater Stingray
The giant stingray is one of the world's largest freshwater fish, but it's also cloaked in mystery. No one is sure how many giant stingrays are left, which habitats they prefer, or even if they ever venture into the ocean, where their more commonly known relatives dwell.

Giant African Land Snail
The Giant African Land Snail is one of the largest terrestrial gastropods. They have a light to dark brown shells with vertical stripes of a darker shade of brown on them.

Chinese Giant Salamander
The Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus) is the largest salamander in the world, and is fully aquatic, with many adaptations for this lifestyle. It grows up to 1.8 metres in length, though most individuals found today are considerably smaller.

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