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10 MOST DANGEROUS and EXTREME RAILWAYS in the World | Interesting Facts

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10 The MOST DANGEROUS and EXTREME RAILWAYS in the World | Interesting Facts
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Trains might seem like a safe form of transportation. They are after all, heavy machines riding on fixed beams of steel. But, there are some really scary train rides you can take, if your heart can manage terrifying heights, zig-zagging rails through steep mountainous terrain, and riding over dangerous landscapes. With that in mind, we’ve put together 10 of The Most Dangerous Railways in The World. Watch if you dare!

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1. The Aso Minami Route, Japan
Imagine a narrow bridge, just big enough for the rails of a train, running at a very high altitude. The train barely rests on the rails, and at first glance, it may seem that its construction is completely fragile.


2. The Tren A Las Nubes, Argentina
The Train to the Clouds has long become a legend among fans of extreme tourism. This railway strikes the imagination with its grandiosity, beauty, and of course, danger. The construction of this railway took 30 years to complete.

Video including a view from a passenger’s seat on 9:51:

3. Narizdel Diablo (Devil’s Nose Train), Ecuador
The very name of this railway hints at the fact that it’s not the safest one. It will impress even the most traveled of tourists with its length and heart stopping height of 9,000 feet above sea level.


4. The Kuranda Scenic Railway, Australia
The rainforest of the Barron Reserve is an amazing sight with its beauty, and especially when it’s viewed from a high altitude. To get a good scenic view, you could fly over it on an airplane, but you could also take Kuranda Railway Train.

Nice video starts from 6:35:

5. The Argo Gede Train Railroad, Indonesia
Many tourists like to travel from Bandung to Jakarta, since on the way you can enjoy the indescribable beauty of the mountains, tiny settlements, rice fields, and see the tea plantations. It’s enough for some to sit comfortably in their seats, breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the trip.
But, only a few brave people risk looking down, and that is because this narrow railway runs at a very high altitude, and furthermore, its construction can hardly be called reliable.


6. The Chennai - Rameswaram, India
You may agree that traveling on a ship, or a boat, would be the obvious way to get across a sea. But why not build a railroad across the sea, which will swing under the force of the strongest winds and crashing storm waves?


7. The Georgetown Loop, Colorado
In the second half of the 19th century, this railway was the only transport for silver miners who wanted to get over the Rocky Mountains. Over time, when the construction of the mines was completed, these railroad tracks fell into decay and began to collapse. In 1973, this narrow-gauge railway was restored especially for tourists who love an adrenaline rush.


8. The Pilatus Railway Switzerland
If you are bored with trips on flat ground, then why not take a train that climbs up a steep mountain to the edge of a cliff? The Pilatus Railway is the steepest railway in the world. It was built way back in 1889, and since then faced many changes as sections of the railroad have repeatedly collapsed.


9. The Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe Train, South Africa
The most dangerous railroad in South Africa was built in 1908, but the first passengers would only be able to use it 20 years later. The reason was a serious accident that occurred just a couple days after the opening.


10. The White Pass & Yukon Route, Alaska
This railway was built in 1889 during the Gold Rush era, connecting Canada and the United States. For 110 miles you will experience a lot of dangerous cliffs and rifts at a 2,865-foot elevation.


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