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10 Most Dangerous Snakes In The World

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10 Most Dangerous Snakes In The World
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There are very few animals which strike more fear into the heart than a deadly and venomous snake. It is vital for some of these species to survive by being as dangerous and poisonous as they are. But snakes do not differentiate the difference between their prey, and a human that might get in its way. Sit back and relax and join us as we take a look at 10 of the most dangerous snakes in the world.

1. The Boomslang – This snake has a highly potent venom, which it delivers through large fangs located in the back of the jaw, because of this, Boomslangs are able to open their jaws up to 170° when biting. But their venom, as with most snakes, has a different effect on its victims.

2. The Tiger Snake - Found in southern regions of Australia, the Tiger snake has venom that possesses potent neurotoxins, coagulants, haemolysins and myotoxins. Symptoms of a Tiger Snake bite include localized pain in the foot and neck region, tingling, numbness, and sweating, followed by a rapid onset of breathing difficulties and paralysis.

3. The Saw Scaled Viper – Also known by its genus name, may be the deadliest of all snakes. Scientists believe that the Saw Scaled Viper is responsible for more human deaths than all other snake species combined. That is because there are many subspecies of this viper. They have a characteristic threat display, rubbing sections of their body together to produce a "sizzling" warning sound that sounds somewhat like a rattlesnake.

4. The Banded Krait – This snake is easily identified by its black and yellow crossbands, its triangular body cross section, and the marked vertebral ridge which consists of enlarged vertebral shields along its body. Their heads are broad and depressed, and their eyes are black. These snakes can grow up to 12 feet long. They are nocturnal and hunt only at night. The venom of the banded krait mainly contains neurotoxins.

5. The King Cobra – This snakes generic name; ‘Ophiophagus’ is a Greek-derived word that means "snake-eater". This cobra is a cannibal and eats other snakes, including rat snakes, small pythons, and even other venomous snakes including true cobras and the krait. King Cobras inject the most venom of any other poisonous snake, and is capable of delivering a fatal dose of 200 to 500 mg of venom.

6. The Inland Taipan – A lot of snakes are said to be the most venomous in the world. But that title clearly belongs to the Inland Taipan. One drop of its venom is enough to kill 100 men. It is a mammal hunter, and so therefore its venom is specially adapted to kill warm blooded animals.

7. Russell’s Viper – This snake is a venomous Old World viper and can be found throughout Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Its name derives from the Hindi word meaning "the lurker". This snake is responsible for the most snakebite incidents and deaths apart from all other venomous snakes.

8. Rattlesnake – This snake is a member of the Pit Viper group of snakes and can strike at 2/3rd of their body length sometimes launching their whole body towards its victim. The unusual thing about this snake is its defensive pose. It has a rattle at the end of its tail. The famous rattle noise comes from the sound created when hollow and bony segments in the rattle bang together. The rattlesnake has a hemotoxic venom.

9. The Death Adder – This snake is also a cannibal and hunts other snakes. It can reach a maximum body length of 4 feet long. Found in Australia, the Death Adder can inflict one of the most dangerous bites in the world as their venom is a neuro toxin, and is one of the most venomous land snakes in Australia.

10. The Black Mamba – Nearly everyone has heard of this deadly snake. And there are many things that make this snake deadly besides its potent venom. The Black Mamba can grow nearly 7 feet in length. This allows it to strike at incredibly long distances. It can move very fast. In fact, it is the fastest moving snake indigenous to Africa, and perhaps the fastest in the world.

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