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10 Most Expensive Guns Of All Time

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10 Most Expensive Guns Of All Time
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Guns are a big part of history including some of the men who changed history. Some of these firearms are so rare and unique that they are some of the most wanted guns on the planet, and people will pay exorbitant amounts of money for them. So stick around and check out these 10 most expensive guns of all time.

10. Gold 7.65mm Walther PP Owned by Hitler – This was Adolf Hitler’s personal pistol, a 7.65mm Walther PP. Hitler received the pistol on his 50th Birthday in 1939 from Carl Walther himself. The gun has heavy embellishments, gold inlays, special engravings, and ivory handles with Hitler’s initials.

9. Elvis Presley’s Revolvers – These aren’t just any revolvers. They are the lavishly engraved and inlaid revolvers that Elvis Presley “The King” supposedly treasured. Elvis’s Colt Python double-action revolver and the Smith & Wesson Model 19-2 double-action revolver were both purchased personally by Elvis himself in Beverly Hills California.

8. Peter Hofer Sidelock – Peter Hofer from Ferlach, Austria, is the maker of some of the world’s most exclusive, innovative and most expensive guns. All the guns that he creates are all ornate and mechanically original

7. The Boss Over and Under – Boss & Co was established in 1812 making them gun makers for over 200 years. The company has patented it’s over and under gun design, one of the most influential gun designs in 1909. And now the modern version of this gun is one of the most expensive guns in the world today.

6. VO Vapen (Falcon Edition) – Drawing inspiration from traditions of falconry in the Arabian world comes the world’s most expensive rifle, the VO Falcon Edition. It may also be one of the most beautiful guns you will ever see. The Sweden based gun and rifle maker VO Vapen, founded in 1977 by gunsmith Viggo Olsson, is known for crafting handmade hunting rifles. The VO Falcon features a pair of interchangeable Damascus steel octagon barrels.

5. Teddy Roosevelt’s Shotgun –A shotgun that Theodore Roosevelt owned has become a very famous firearm. Roosevelt was not only the United States president from 1901-1909, he was also an avid hunter and a very knowledgeable man when it came to firearms. One of those guns that he owned was an F-Grade A.H.

4. Gold-Inlaid Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver – There is so much gold inlay and engraving work done on this gun that you could sit and look at it this thing for an hour and still be amazed. Embellished in the classic pattern of Colt's early Gold-Inlaid revolvers with five animals, a bear, a dog, a leopard, a pheasant and a fox on the frame.

3. 1886 Winchester Rifle Owned by Henry Ware Lawton – This gun belonged to U.S. Army captain Henry Ware Lawton who supposedly captured the Apache leader Geronimo. Lawton was given the gun after capturing the on-the-run Apache leader in 1886. Stories abound as to who actually captured Geronimo, or to whom he surrendered. At various times after the campaign, Lawton was questioned by friends about the campaign.

2. Nicolas-Noel Boutet Rifled Flintlock Pistols – These intricately decorated pistols were made by Nicolas-Noël Boutet. Boutet was the master gunsmith under King Louis XVI and the chief gunsmith to Emperor Napoléon.

1. Big Bang Pistol Set – Cabot Guns wanted to do something really unique and built two guns out of a meteorite. The Big Bang Pistol Set consists of a pair of left and right pistols that are constructed almost entirely of the billions-of-years-old meteorite. The price for the pair of guns is at $4.500.000 and that is the current record for the most expensive firearms ever sold.

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