10 Most Insane Houses In The World

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10 Most Insane Houses In The World
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Many of us only know what it is like to live in some normal house, with simple walls, windows, and doors. But there are some houses out there that you won’t believe how they were built, or what they were built with. Check out these 10 Most Insane Houses in The World.

10. Earthbag House - You’re probably asking yourself, ‘what’s an Earthbag’? It’s just another name for sandbag. And while it sounds weird to build your next house out of sandbags, check out the pros of using this inexpensive building material.

9. Cement factory conversion (Spain)
One of the most interesting houses is this cement factory conversion in Spain. The WWI-era cement factory near Barcelona was discovered and purchased by an architect in 1973. 45 years later, the structure with over 30 silos, multiple buildings, and towering ceilings was completely transformed into an amazing home.

8. Resident Church XL (The Netherlands) There is an old church in Utrecht Netherlands that has been turned into an amazing and very spacious single family home.

7. A house made out of plastic bottles - Can you imagine a house made out of nothing but plastic bottles? An 86-year old woman built her house entirely from plastic bottles around 12 years ago and it still stands strong in the village of El Salvador in Central America.

6. The Barbie Malibu Dream House –is a real life 3,500 square-foot house that is the ultimate dream house for any teenage girl or Barbie fan. The Barbie Malibu Dream House is located in Malibu; California and overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

5. Healthy Homes New Zealand
It’s becoming popular in New Zealand to build homes called Earthships. They get their name from being built from the stuff that society throws away. You could save up lots of money living in one of these environment-friendly homes.

4. Water tower conversion
This converted water tower house is recycling at its best. The 30-meter tower was originally built between 1938 and 1941 in Brasschaat, Belgium. In 2007 the former water tower was completely converted into a single family home.

3. The Skysphere
Imagine a home in the clouds with spectacular 360° degree views which can be completely controlled by voice and your smartphone. A New Zealand-based graphic designer and engineer have designed and built what is called The Skysphere.

2. Kolarbyn Ecolodge
Kolarbyn Ecolodge is called Sweden’s most primitive hotel. It has such a reputation because there is no electricity, no showers, nothing fancy at all. But it doesn’t stop nature lovers from all over the world come to Kolarbyn to stay for a few nights.

1.The AURA Residence - Aura is the most exclusive and luxurious development project in Cyprus which differs primarily by its unusual, futuristic design. The philosophy behind the exterior design of The Aura Residence was based on the Great Wave off Kanagawa, a famous woodblock printing by the Japanese artist Hokusai.

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