10 Most Insane Military Exercises You Won't Believe Exist

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10 Most Insane Military Exercises You Won't Believe Exist
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When you think about training for the military, you probably imagine bald dudes jogging in perfect formation, crawling under barbed wire, and getting inventive nicknames spit into their faces by their superiors. In reality, military training techniques vary a lot from country to country:

Some are insanely elaborate, some are insanely cruel, and some are fine just being plain old insane. Check out these 10 Most Insane Military Exercises.

10. South Korea And China Force Soldiers To Have Shirtless Snow Fights - Each winter, more than 200 of South Korea's finest Special Forces soldiers travel to the icy region of Pyeongchang to train in negative-30-degrees Celsius. Semi-naked troops perform star jumps, push-ups, and other grueling physical tests.

9. The Belarus Red Berets Run The Assault Course From Hell - To become a member of Belarus’s most elite combat force, trainees must complete a variety of tasks, including running an obstacle course from hell. After marching 10 kilometers, candidates must prove their acrobatic skill by completing an obstacle course while under fire from Red Berets and must do so as explosions go off around them.

8. Jumping from skyscrapers and rappelling- If terrorists ever tried to take hostages in a Tel Aviv skyscraper, the last thing they'd expect is an anti-terror commando leaping in through the window. But that's exactly what the Israel Defense Force anti-terror unit has been doing – jumping from the top of one of Tel Aviv's tallest buildings and rappelling down the side.

7. Drownproofing Training – This is training done by US soldiers and is a very tough thing to pass. When the command is given, the bound soldiers hop into the deep end of a pool. There they must bob up and down twenty times, float for five minutes, swim to the shallow end of the pool, turn around without touching the bottom, swim back to the deep end, do a forward and backward somersault underwater, and retrieve a face mask from the bottom of the pool

6. Breaking slabs of concrete with your head - Many fighting forces have marching bands, singers, and performing groups to rally the troops. But China's military is known for soldiers who can break bamboo poles on their backs and smash bricks on their heads. If combat were simply a matter of showmanship, then the People's Liberation Army of China would be near invincible.

5. Special forces soldiers in Belarus are training for chemical warfare. Servicemen from Belarus Interior Ministry's special unit must make the trek to Gorany, some 32 kilometers west of Minsk, to take part in chemical warfare training in which they are exposed to chemical weapons and must learn to use their equipment to survive the training.

4. German special forces assemble a gun underwater while holding their breath - The Kommando Spezialkräfte Marine is one of Berlin’s most elite units. It’s one of the toughest commando units you’ve probably never heard of. The Kommando Spezialkräfte Marine is Germany’s answer to the U.S. Navy SEALs.

3. Lebanese soldiers use a virtual-reality to train. The idea behind this training is to practice your shooting skills without the risk of getting injured. Lebanese soldiers use a program called the "Engagement Skills Trainer" which is provided by the US embassy in Lebanon to the Lebanese Armed Forces.

2. Taiwanese Marines Have To Crawl Across 50 Yards Of Pointy Rocks – To become a Taiwanese Marine is probably just as tough as with any other marine training from a different country. However, the final test of a Taiwan Marine is called the ‘Road To Heaven’ but it is anything but heavenly.

1. Chinese Army Hot Potato Game with a Hand Grenade - Military training is an intense business, involving discipline, precision, and courage that can be called upon in the midst of battle.

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