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10 Most Insane Things Done By Millionaires

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Some millionaires like to keep things quite when it comes to their money. Some choose to not even think about having all those millions of dollars and are even miserly. There are however some millionaires that just have to flaunt that wealth and show everyone what having a lot of money does to a person, and the insane things it pushes some of them to do. Check out these 10 Most Insane Things Done By Millionaires.

10. Tony Toutouni – This nightclub owner and property developer is also known as the self-proclaimed ‘King of Instagram.’ In short he builds businesses to be profitable and then sells them, even though many sources like to claim they have no idea where his money comes from.

9. Richard Branson – Ah Sir Richard Branson. Everyone knows who this millionaire is. OK he’s not a millionaire, he’s a BILLIONAIRE, but the insane thing he had to do is definitely worth putting him in this list. What you might not know is that the owner of Virgin Atlantic made a bet with Tony Fernandes on which team was going to win the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.

8. Robert Klark Graham – This millionaire optometrist made his fortune by pioneering the invention of shatterproof eyeglass lenses. If you figure how many hundreds of millions of people wear glasses, you can see how he made his huge fortune.

7. Salvatore Sam Cerreto – It’s going to be tough to explain the insane thing this millionaire did, but we will do our best. This millionaire had a thing with doing ‘number 2’ or the ‘dirty’ in front of a restaurant in Sydney, Australia.

6. Clive Palmer – This next piece isn’t about having done one insane thing, it’s about being bat guano insane period. Clive Palmer is an Australian businessman, a former politician, and apparently some kind of poet. He’s made his money from iron ore, nickel, and coal. Regardless of how perfectly normal that sounds, he did something that perhaps only men of his ‘caliber’ think it’s OK to do.

5. Yuri Milner – You may or may not know who this millionaire/billionaire is, but we’ll give you the quick and easy version. Yury Milner is a tech investor who wants to shoot small chips into space using a laser.

4. Travers Beynon – Another Australian businessman gets onto the list and is also recognized for sharing, or exhibiting his lavish millionaire lifestyle online. Hey if you can’t brag about it, what’s the sense of having all that money anyway… right?

3. Leona Helmsley - this notorious New York City hotel operator and real estate investor does not have the nicest reputation, and in fact her tyrannical behavior earned her the nickname ‘Queen of Mean’. She ended up getting into a lot of trouble and served 19 months in prison for income tax evasion…and other crimes.

2. Ingvar Kamprad – Out of all the stories about millionaires that people love to hate, you’ve got to have one that makes you feel good. And while we are at it we should give a moment of silence for Mr. Kamprad who recently left us in January of 2018.

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein – Let’s get first things first out of the way. The ‘Catwoman Jocelyn Wildenstein doesn’t care what you think about her. And with her millions of dollars, she is probably genuine about that sentiment.

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