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10 Mysterious Water Creatures Caught While Fishing

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10 Mysterious Water Creatures Caught While Fishing
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We start our list with some of the scariest looking fish with the biggest teeth you’ve ever seen. Piranha? Forget it, the Goliath Tiger Fish is much more frightening. And yes, they can use those teeth.

1. You’re fishing, the water is calm, then suddenly it strikes! This Goliath Tigerfish is so big that these two guys can barely get it in the net.

2. Brutal Goliath tigerfish – Here’s another big Goliath Tigerfish and the guy who caught it is absolutely in love with his prized catch, and with the size of this fish, it’s no wonder, just don’t kiss it on the mouth with those giant teeth.

Next on our list is what is probably the top apex predator in the water. Sharks. With rows of razor sharp teeth, they are a creature that is best left alone, but some like to catch them for sport.

3. 13ft Shark. You never know what you’re going to catch at the beach, but these guys ended up catching a 13-foot great Hammerhead shark! Things get a little dramatic as one of the guys walks out to help pull the shark in so they can remove the hook and set it free, and for a moment it looks like he could end up being attacked by the frightened animal.

4. These guys are fishing for Wahoo and instead end up catching an 8-foot 300-pound Bull Shark, which is the biggest fish this guy has ever caught.

5. Kayak fisher caught a shark – This guy went Kayak fishing and instead caught a 6-foot Blacktip shark, and it has a nice row of sharp teeth.

Groupers are the giant fish of the oceans. While not as dangerous as sharks, they do not have many teeth on the end of their jaws, but swallow their prey whole and can grow to enormous proportions.
6. The grouper on the end of this line was so big that it took two guys taking turns while pushing their bodies to the limits to reel in this giant 140-pound monster Bass Grouper.

7. You’re never sure what you are going to catch, and this guy had never caught anything larger than 30 pounds. Imagine his surprise when he hooked this giant 200 Pound Goliath Grouper.

8. Giant 300 Pound Goliath Bass Grouper – This guy catches a monster 300lb Goliath Grouper and you can see how hard this fish is trying to get away, in fact at one point it even snaps the fiberglass rod at the base of the pole!

Catfish can grow to giant proportions and depending on where you are, some can grow to 10 feet long and weigh over 600 pounds!
9. What a surprise these guys got when the fish they were reeling in turns out to be a monster 8 and a half foot long 250-pound catfish. This monster fish is so big that it can be barely pulled into the boat

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