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10 Secret Hidden Luxury Rooms

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10 Secret Hidden Luxury Rooms
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Secret rooms hold to everyone a certain kind of mystery and charm. Pretty much all of us have fantasized about having hidden rooms or secret passageways in our homes that will take us somewhere awesome. For some people, this fantasy becomes a reality, and for some of us, it gives us fantastic ideas of what we would want a secret room to be. Join us as we take a look at 10 Hidden Luxury Rooms.

Retractable bedroom that hides in the ceiling of the living room - Inspired by densely-populated urban areas where space is at a premium, a designer by the name of Simon Woodroffe has created what he calls the YO!

Dining room with an escape to the den - This wall shelving designed by Creative Home Engineering has a secret room that hides behind a sliding door behind the unit. The hidden door has an app-controlled switch and electromagnetic locking system which is fully automated to open and close.

Sauna behind the bathroom wall - This bathroom features a secret sauna which is concealed by the wallpaper and skirting board by Robin Pelissier Interior Design. There is a hidden door papered in seaweed print wallpaper between the bathroom and luxurious cedar clad steam room sauna.

Wine cellar hidden under the floor – This kitchen has a secret door on the floor. At first glance, you might be thinking bomb shelter but it’s really more like the bomb. When you just enter into the kitchen it looks weird and out of place.

Wine cellar hidden behind the wall - This secret wine cellar in Seattle is part storage solution and part spy accessory. The hidden door features natural looking stone veneers on a robust steel frame. The wine rack hidden door is secured using a 600lb electromagnetic system.

Secret home theater - In Toronto, Creative Home Engineering (a company specializing in secret rooms and passageways) designed this hidden home theater, covered by a stone wall and casually placed decorative green vase that functions as a decoy. This entertainment space requires a three-part push code to

Secret hideout - The three young boys who live in this home on the west side of Los Angeles consider the secret room under the stairs their favorite spot, according to designers Maria Von Hartz and Annie Fitzgerald.

Secret entertainment room - Behind a cherrywood bookcase in a red, brightly lit football-themed billiards room in Dallas sits a secret extra space for entertaining.

Secret stairwell - This white, wooden, shallow bookshelf door in Genova City, Wisconsin, hides a stairwell leading to a secret poker room on the home's upper level. The books were cut in half and glued in place, creating a façade that's truly deceptive but not entirely functional.

Hidden door leading to a room with a small bar - The owner of this home on the coast of Maine has a taste for the uncanny, according to Peter Pennoyer Architects. After installing this teal-colored secret bookcase door in the library, the contractor heard a creaking sound and almost put some oil on the wheel that allows the door to open.

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