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15 Strange Things That Seem Normal Only In South Korea

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15 Strange Things That Seem Normal Only In South Korea
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South Korea is a mysterious and intriguing country which doesn’t have all that much in common with the West at times. People who visit this gorgeous country often come home feeling they have been in another world, and who could blame them when things can be so different!

15. Boryeong Mud Festival – Every July in South Korea the people get together and have a big mud festival. It’s probably the best way to have some fun and cool down from the summer heat. The small city of Boryeong is just two hours away from Seoul and every year people from all over the world come to get themselves covered in gray mineral clay which is said to rejuvenate the soul. It’s a great way to stay protected and keep cool from the hot summer sun. The event takes place on a beach where thousands of people gather to dance, get covered in cool mud and clay, and there is even some really fun mud wrestling events where everyone gets covered head to toe in mineral clay. Other fun things include a mud slide contest, king of the mud contest, and judging who is the muddiest. It’s a lot of slippery wet and wild fun!

14) Wining and Dining Inside a Camera!
The Dreamy Camera Café, about 60 miles outside of Seoul, is one of the most popular spots on TripAdvisor – and that’s no surprise. This cute, family-run café is the only place in which you can enjoy coffee and cheesecake inside of a camera.

13) Climbing Inside a Five-Story Garlic Clove;
Treasure Island Garlic Land boasts that it is the only garlic museum in South Korea, but chances are, it’s the only garlic museum anywhere!

12) Turning Into a Princess Just for Lunch;
Themed cafés are all the rage right now; across the world, you will find dog, cat, and even raccoon cafés (yes, this one is also in Seoul), but a princess café is unusual.

11) See Buddhist Hell First-Hand;
Bugok Hawaii is an unusual and unique place which is one-part hot springs, one-part amusement park, and one-part Buddhist Hell.

10) Eating Sweet Potato in Every Course;
South Koreans love their sweet potatoes. This is why you can find sweet potatoes in almost any dish on a menu. Seriously! You can find sweet potatoes in bread, salads, desserts, and even as a pizza topping.

9) High School Libraries Are Open All-Hours;
South Korean society places great importance on academic performance. Kids in grade school are pretty much expected to partake in extracurricular activities.

8) Soldiers Marching Through Cherry Blossoms;
Between April 1st and 10th in Changwon City, South Korea, you can see something truly extraordinary! A military marching band and orchestra makes its way through the streets of Jinhae Gunhangie, the city of Spring

7) Pregnant Women Always Get a Seat;
In South Korea, pregnant women experience a level of respect that is not common in the West. Pregnant women in South Korean cities benefit from unique privileges designed to incentivize family building.

6) Macho Men Wearing Make-Up;
Though South Korean culture places emphasis on the idea of ‘manliness,' nonetheless, it is common for South Korean men to wear make-up.

5) Toilet Paper Can Be a Gift;
No, this is not the start of a crude joke! In South Korea, practical gifts are very welcome, so if you move to a new house and throw a party, don’t bother stocking up on the basics.

4) Plastic Surgery Is Seen As Normal;
While plastic surgery is not a taboo in many countries in the world, it is also not a common thing to see advertised or have people openly admit to!

3) Trying Food Before You Buy Is Normal;
In supermarkets in the West, it is not common to try foods before you buy them. There may, sometimes, be samples laid out for people to enjoy, but these tend to cover only specific products.

2) Playing in PooPoo Land is a Good Idea;
Yes, you did hear that correctly; in South Korea, you and your beau, or your family, can play in PooPoo Land without shame… because PooPoo Land is a three story museum! Found in Seoul

1) Mining for Inspiration;
Lovers of the most obscure, creepy, and creative art installations in the world may already know about the Samtan Art Mine in South Korea.

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