5 Scariest Ghosts Caught On Camera!

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In this world there are real life strange mysterious creatures & for real paranormal mysteries that are just unexplainable.The internet has endless hoaxes, but it only takes one real video to prove that we are not alone. Watch this countdown and you be the judge! Here are five Scariest Ghosts caught on camera. Take a look!

1. Ghost At The Haywood Hospital
This footage was recorded in Marysville, Kentucky and it has been closed since 1983. This video was posted to youtube in 2006, and not to much information was provided other than the videos location. In the video we can see a haunting face watching the person recording. When it realizes that it has been spotted it quickly, the haunting figure takes off. What do you think?

2. The Night Crawler
In 2008 CCTV Footage was uploaded to youtube and went viral. The video became known as the night crawler. More footage surfaced in 2011. A retired couple were experiencing break ins. The installed a security camera that was aimed at their driveway. What they captured was very similar to the 2008 footage. The video shows two slow moving creatures. Some say it might be an adult and a baby without arms or a head. Are they ghosts or some sort of aliens? Let’s take a look!

3. Ghost Attack in A Malaysian Hotel (TALK OVER THE VIDEO MAYBE)
This Security footage starts with a chair moving by itself than suddenly we see a door slamming shut. The video camera cuts to a different room with a woman sitting alone. She gets startled and turns her head when she hears a chair moving behind her. Suddenly a chair closer to her moves causing to her to jump backwards in terror. The woman tries to escape the room but tables and chair block the exit. An entity knocks her to the ground. She becomes unconscious an lies motionless as tables and chairs continue to move. People are still debate if the video is fake or real. It was eventually used in a Malaysian film.

4. Apparition Of A Boy Lingers Near A Staircase
This video was captured at a haunted location dubbed "The Doll House" by the Knight Paranormal Investigation group located at a farmhouse in Pennsylvania. The team set up cameras all around the house. On March 20, 2009, one of their cameras captures the apparition of a young boy at the bottom of the staircase. We can see the boy even better with enhancement filters applied. The paranormal group insists this footage is not a hoax. This video is seriously creepy I suggest you don’t want it in the dark. Let’s take a look!

5. Ghost IN WWII Tunnels IN Japan
The footage was recorded in an Old WW2 Tunnel IN Japan which is located 1,500 feet beneath the ground. The tunnels are radioactive and closed to the general public. A group of engineers were sent into the tunnel to test the radiation levels and they caught something paranormal on video. What supposedly is the spirit of a soldier can be seen appearing walking through the wall. It walks across the tunnel and disappears into another wall of the tunnel. Some people say this video is a hoax, while others believe it’s actually a real ghost caught on camera. You be the judge!
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"The Haunted Video Series"

Music: "Night Break" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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