Cool bedroom design ideas

You probably haven’t seen anything quite like this creative, cool and space-saving too!

The interior designer who designed this cool unit has combined most of the furniture pieces in a compact cabinet box that serves as a place to both relax and sleep. It also holds a closet, a dresser, racks, a locker for little things, and drawers for bed linens and other large items.


Wouldn't it be a cool bedroom design idea? 


This is another cool idea. For some time now, multipurpose boxes have been a trend in cool bedroom and home designing. Some play the role of kitchens, while others serve as closets, laundry rooms and even bathrooms. And then there are “sleeping boxes,” which are something like cocoons for beds. 

cheesy-yellow shiplap walls, vaulted ceilings and a cozy patchwork will make you feel like you are in a dream farmhouse. With this view and balcony, every morning would feel like a vacation.
Why we love it: With buffalo plaid bedding, antique-style furniture, wood-paneled ceilings and a pastoral view and the connected kitchenette, one could wake up, throw open the windows, brew a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the morning light.

This spectacular bed, rich-looking furniture and overwhelming view would allow anyone to feel like the king of the estate.

This is another cool bedroom design idea for those who are looking for cool bedroom design ideas

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