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Loca the Pug singing......'The pug that couldn't run'


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Description you are interested in licensing this footage, please visit or contact Raw Cut Clip Archive at [email protected] is our little pug Loca. We love her to bits but she does make us laugh :-) Be sure and watch to the end as it's the moral of the story that counts :-).She can have a whole roast chicken to herself if she gets a thousand hits..Edited using :Cyberlink Power Director the way a lot of folk ask what the music is and it's actually old traditional Irish. You may however know it from Val Doonicans 'Delaneys Donkey' from back in the 60'sThere is a short explanation of Loca's problem at the end of the video but this doesn't show up on all playback devices as it is a Youtube annotation so here it is again....."Hi FolksJust so everyone understands, Loca suffers from a mild brain disorder. It is operable but risky and as the vet says she is unaware anything is  wrong with her and will live a long and healthy life, we decided not to risk losing her.She is loved by all, spoilt rotten and closely protected by the other dogs and lives her life to the full despite her difficulty running. All that said she is very funny to watch so we thought we should share with others and hope she brings as much joy to you as she does to us.Mal"(Created on Cyberlink Power Director 9)I was asked for the lyrics so here they are :-)WELL HELLO MY NAME IS 'LOCA'AND I'M A SPECIAL PUGI LIVE IN BELFAST IRELANDAND ME FAVORITE THINGS A HUGI LOVE TO EAT ROAST CHICKENAND MY FRIENDS SAY I'M GOOD FUNBUT THE ONE THING THAT I CANNOT DO IS I CAN'T FECKIN RUNI'M BOUNCIN FLOUNCIN FALLIN ALL AROUND THE SHOWROLLING BOWLING I JUST CAN'T GET IT RIGHTSKIPPING HOPPING TRIPPING UP AND FLOPPING I JUST CAN'T GET THE HANG OF IT THOUGH TRYING AS I MIGHTI'VE GOT A BROTHER ALFIEA LITTLE PUG LIKE MEME MUM SAYS HE'S A LAP DOGAS HE'S NEVER OFF HER KNEEHE RUNS JUST LIKE A BULLET THAT'S BEEN FIRED FROM A GUNAND HE'S TRIED HIS BEST TO TEACH MEBUT I STILL CAN'T FECKIN RUNI'M BOUNCIN FLOUNCIN FALLING ALL AROUND THE SHOWROLLING BOWLING AT RUNNING I'M A FLOPI'VE TRIED ME BEST I NEVER REST TO RUN A MILE'S ME FINAL QUESTBUT ONCE I DO GET GOING THEN I CANNOT FECKIN STOPI'VE ANOTHER SISTER LUCYA LAID BACK DOG IS SHEI LUV TO CUDDLE UP TO HERAND SHE CUDDLES UP TO MESHE'S PRETTY GOOD AT RUNNINGAND SHE'D SURE DO YOU NO HARMUNLESS YOU TRY TO TAKE HER STICKTHEN SHE'LL RIP OFF YOUR ARMI'M BOUNCIN FLOUNCIN FALLING ALL AROUND THE SHOWROLLING BOWLING AT RUNNING I'M A DUDIT' SEEMS UNFAIR IT MUST BE RARE AND IN TRUTH I REALLY WOULDN'T CAREBUT THE OTHERS KEEP ON RUNNING WHILE I'M STUCK HERE IN THE MUDNOW ME FINAL SISTER'S LAYLAA PEDIGREE IS SHESHE WON A PUPPY TRAINING PRIZEIN TWENTY ZERO THREEBUT SHE CAN RUN LIKE BILLIO FLIES UP AND DOWN THE HILLIF I TRIED THAT I'D FALL QUITE FLATMESELF I'D SURELY KILLSO I'M BOUNCIN FLOUNCIN FALLIN ALL AROUND THE SHOWROLLING BOWLING I THINK I'LL JUST GIVE UPIT'S NOT FOR ME ITS PLAIN TO SEE A RUNNER I WILL NEVER BESO I THINK I'LL JUST ACCEPT ME LOT AND BE A WALKING PUPTHERE'S A MORAL TO THIS STORY FOR HAPPY STILL AM IJUST BECAUSE I CANNOT RUNNO REASON FOR TO CRYI LUV ME LIFE I LUV ME HOUSEAND I LUV ME FAMILYAND THE THING THAT MAKES IT ALL OKMY FAMILY LUVS ME

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