Cheap video advertising

Cheap video advertising

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It's incredibly quick and easy to advertise your web video commercial with us. if you have a youtube video or any other product/service video that you would like to promote online, We can help you to reach more viewers and increase engagement with your target audience through our cheap video advertising solution.

How this Cheap video advertising works and how to get started?

Step 1:

*Use the "Contact Us" form to send us some info about your business or link to the video that you would like to promote online. Make sure to send us some info about targetted country/countries if you don't want to target all countries,(By default your ad will be published to all countries)

Once you completed step 1, One of our admins will follow up with your query and let you know the prices and ad length info.

Step 2:

Proceed with the payment!


if you have a video commercial created yet for your product/service, don't worry we can trun your creative video advertising ideas into great-looking digital ad videos for mobile and desktop platforms. Advertise your business, Product/Service, Brand logo or event online. Use the simple contact us form to get in touch with us.

We are proud to say that we have received over 57,450 unique visitors and over 187,811 page views without any single promotion since we started. The numbers for some of you might be low but remember these are high quality pure search engine driven traffic, 81.2% percent of our visitors are new visitors as of current Google analytics data, which means that your video ad will be viewed by a new visitor each time you run the ad and not repeatingly to the same visitor.

Current traffic percentage by Country

1.United States - 21,506 - 30.38%
2.Sri Lanka - 15,467 - 21.85%
3.India - 7,595 - 10.73%
4.United Kingdom - 2,054 2.90%
5.(not set)1,997 - 2.82%
6.Pakistan - 1,986 - 2.81%
7.Malaysia - 1,651 - 2.33%
8.Canada 1,111 - 1.57%
9.Germany - 1,110 - 1.57%
10.Philippines - 1,000 - 1.41%

What are you waiting for? drop us a message right now!


We look forward to working with you soon!

Kind Regards,
The ZillionMovies Team.

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