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This Is The Video THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO WATCH... (2018)
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By their very name, secret societies inspire curiosity, fascination and obvious distrust. If you were really a member of the global élite, you'd know that the world is ruled by a powerful, secretive few. While some of these societies aren’t trying to hide anything, there are others that are so secretive that hardly anyone knows about them, or if they do, they are bound to secrecy. Join us as we take a look at 10 Most Fascinating Secret Societies.

10. Bohemian Club – This secret society or ‘club’ as it was known had a meeting in the California woods every year and its estimated that at least five presidents were members. Two of these presidents were Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon.

9. Skull And Bones – If you attend Yale University, then it’s possible that you could become a member of this secret society. The Skull and Bones was co-founded at Yale in 1832 by the father of a future president. It is one of the most famous secret societies in America.

8. Freemasons – This secret society was so tightly kept hidden from the world that for centuries, only members knew about it. The interesting thing about the Freemasons is that the society evolved out of Scotland after stonemasons who worked on public buildings in the 1500’s decided to band together.

7. Propaganda Due – Every country seems to have a secret society, and of course Italy has a few of their own. In fact, After World War II, some five hundred Lodges promptly resurfaced in Italy. The Lodges were lavishly financed with OSS funds thoughtfully provided by the taxpayers of the United States.

6. Sons Of Liberty – If you want to talk about one of the oldest secret societies, then the Sons Of Liberty is one of them. The group was basically a well-organized Patriot paramilitary organization that was completely shrouded in secrecy, and it had to be so that the British wouldn’t find out about it.

5. The German Thule Society – The Thule society was founded in Munich right after World War I and is named after a mythical northern country in Greek Legend. It was originally a ‘German study group’ which was headed by a WWI veteran named Walter Nauhaus and was founded around 1917.

4. The Knights Of Pythias – This society was founded during the American Civil War in Washington D.C. and was the first fraternal organization to be chartered by an act of congress.

3. Order of the Temple of the Rosy Cross – This early 20th century secret society was founded in 1912 by leaders of what was called the Theosophical Society. This group included two mediums;

2. The Bilderberg Group – This infamous and secret group of the world’s elite has no good stories behind them, in fact there is nothing known about the actual discussions that go on behind their closed doors

1. Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn – This secret society was a magical order of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that practiced various forms of theurgy and spiritual occultism. It was founded in 1887

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