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We all have a few of those times that we regret not making a deal with someone. Whether it’s in our business or personal life, there are often once in a lifetime opportunities that arise. Just Imagine wanting to invest in a huge craze before it became massive. Things like frozen yogurt, Google, or even Bitcoin. These following companies or people have similar tales of woe and had the chance to do something great, but threw it all away. That’s what makes these the ten worst deals of all time.

Selling Google for $750000
Once upon a time there was a relatively obscure company named Excite. It was owned by George Bell. If you haven’t heard of this venture, then that’s alright. You might have though if they had taken a deal back in the day to buy Google. The selling price then was $1 million dollars for the acquisition. And get this - Google was on board. In fact, Google was so interested in making the sale that they even counter offered with $750 000 when they got rejected.

The Man Who Rejected the Beatles
While there is some debate as to how the story went down, it is clear that Decca headed by Dick Rowe had a chance to acquire the illustrious Beatles. This was 50 years ago now. While Decca would not currently be managing this band, the company could have benefited greatly from the Beatles craze.

Buying a Phone
This next story is sure to make you cringe, and even phone a friend. Back when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he and his team made an offer to Western Union. That’s right, they were willing to sell the patents to the very first telephone. They telegraphed the company and said that all they wanted was $100 000.

Selling Alaska for 7.2 Million Dollars
Alaska is an American state riddled with controversy. People want to live there and they don’t. It’s neighbor to the North West Territories of Canada. This region is known for frigid temperatures, strange light patterns, and general barrenness of the land.

2 Pizzas for 10000 bitcoins
Pizza can be oh so satisfying. And when the craving hits, people will do a lot of strange things to obtain this food. However, none could be more peculiar than the developer who paid 10,000 bitcoins for a measly two pepperoni pizzas. Back then, bitcoin was not in its hay day. But today the sum is worth $100 million.

Ronald Wayne 10% of Apple Inc.
This next story is enough to keep you up at night. Ronald Wayne reportedly sold his 10% share of Apple for $800. He was the company’s third co-founder. Apparently, Wayne was worried about Steve Job’s spending habits at the time. As one of the people responsible for the company, he feared that he would become personally liable for them should the company not pan out.

Ross Perot’s Attempt to Buy Microsoft
Ross Perot is a man with some regrets in life. Back in 1979, he was the head of a Dallas company called Electronic Data Systems. He had a chance to buy Microsoft from Bill Gates back when Bill was 23 years old. Back then, Microsoft was only worth $2 million.

The Sale Of Louisiana
Louisiana, famous for hot sauce and just all around country greatest. Who wouldn’t see the potential here. The French sure did, with their fearless leader Napoleon Bonaparte making a deal with Spain to get the territory in 1800. But it didn’t stay this way for long. When Thomas Jefferson became president in 1801, and he was determined to get New Orleans, a city in Louisiana.

AOL Merging with Time Warner
18 years ago, AOL made an expensive deal. They garnered up a whopping $160 billion to buy Time Warner. This is the largest merger in American history. The deal was announced on January 10, 2000. However, this is not a tale of a perfect marriage. The merger caused the new company to plummet to a seventh of its previous worth.

Blockbuster Rejecting Netflix
This last deal is a real bane to the existence of Blockbuster. They were once a popular chain of DVD rental stores, and now they just vanished. They could have made the transition to digital movies a little easier though on their pocketbooks. The CEO of Blockbuster, John Antioco, was approached by Reed Hastings.

We hope you enjoyed the video. We want to know which deal you found the most shocking? Do you think you would have regrets if you didn’t pony up like some of these individuals? Let us know in the comments. And if you liked the video, like share, and don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications so you will be the first to know when we got a new video for you. Thanks for watching!

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